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RUN STOPPERS: The Raiders took the Cheap <a href= NFL Jerseys China</a> Jerseys China run away from Cleveland last week and held the Browns to 39 yards after giving up more than 100 in each of the first two games. They are facing a stiff challenge with Chicago's Matt Forte second to Minnesota's Adrian Peterson with 276 yards rushing.
"I still expect more from myself and I <a href= Jerseys China</a> expect more from this offense, as does every player on this offense," Foles said. "But I feel like it's one step in the right direction and we just have to continue to improve on it."
"We've had bad records through five games, six games. We've lost three games before in a row," Flacco said. "If we're not mentally strong enough, if we're not mentally tough, then there's definitely a better chance at 0-3 to slip into a bad mode. It's definitely a slippery slope."
While teammate Russell Wilson received plenty of attention for throwing three touchdowns in last week's playoff win over Carolina, no player was more impressive than Chancellor during Seattle's 31-17 victory.
KICKING THEMSELVES: Kickers already have missed 13 extra points at this season's new distance, five more than in all of last season. And while it might have seemed as if field goal after field goal went awry Sunday 锟?the Jaguars and Eagles, for example, missed multiple key kicks in losses 锟?the collective success rate of 83.5 percent means this season ranks sixth-best of any season since 1970 through Week 4, according to STATS.
"I wasn't concerned <a href= Jerseys Supply</a> with the number of games," said Smith, who is entering a potentially pivotal contract year. "Besides, that's a long time from now."

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